Jackie Lyons


Jackie Lyons was born in Detroit, Michigan. She received a BFA and a BEd from the University of Windsor, where she studied painting and printmaking. After graduation, she immigrated to Canada. Her paintings have been presented in recent exhibitions at the Gallery in the Grove and The Hive Tattoo Company Gallery.

Artist Statement:

I find beauty in the kind of imperfection that can be found on surfaces like weathered concrete or rusted ships. Crumbling infrastructure surrounds us. It encompasses roads, bridges, overpasses, and deteriorated concrete buildings. Excessive soil erosion and mining leave us with overly depleted landscapes and fires are leaving paths of smoke that cover the sky. The paintings and sculptures in my current body of work attempt to mimic this imperfection and draw attention to our human impact which can be both alarming and beautiful at the same time.

I willfully embrace surprises that force me to add additional layers to a surface. The physical act of moving materials around such as scrubbing, incising, tearing, adding, or subtracting is more important to me than the outcome. Many of my pieces take on a new life by being painted over, collaged, or reconstructed, so they might re-emerge as something different.