Jackie Lyons

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and immigrated to Canada in my twenties. I received a BFA and a BEd from the University of Windsor where I studied painting, printmaking and education. Working as a teacher for 25 years, I regularly encouraged art making with my students. I always insisted there was no such thing as a mistake when making art because it can force you to solve problems. Because of this philosophy, I wilfully embrace surprises that push me to add additional layers to a surface. The physical act of moving art materials around is more important to me than the outcome.

I find beauty in the kind of imperfection that can be found on weathered concrete or the hulls of rusted ships. Crumbling infrastructure surrounds us. It encompasses roads, bridges, overpasses, sidewalks, and even parallels the mental health issues of our society. The paintings and sculptures in my current body of work either attempt to mimic infrastructure from several Canadian and American cities or draw attention to the impact we are making on our planet which can be both alarming and beautiful at the same time. I think of them as fallen promises.